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Misanthropia! #4: Go Fourth and Frother

Image of Misanthropia! #4: Go Fourth and Frother


It's late, but it's back and better than ever! This 54-page bumper issue of Misanthropia is bursting with full-color stories, comix and doodles from a whole mess of prestigious contributors from around the world! All of your favorites are back in frothing delight for your ocular pleasure.

This issue contains the following treasures and contributors:

Justyna Burzynska - "There's No Such Thing as a Good Time", "Dinner Hairs", "Jank Engagement", "Just Sitting at Work"

Gretel My - "She Tastes Like Cigarettes", "The Adventures of Ermine the Post Modern Heroine", "Mister Cow Tongue"

Matt Smith - "How to Get Away with Murder"

Steven Smith - "Julie's Odd Encounter"

Sophie Burrows - "Anthony McPartlin", "Gordon Ramsay"

Priya Tamilarasan - "A Diddle Before Dying, Part 2" (Cont'd from Misanthropia! #3)

Keara Stewart - "The Procedure"

Robert W Monk - 5!!!! Pieces

CostanzaGrrl1996 - "In the Flat Feld" (Illustrated by Justyna Burzynska)

and your hostess with the mostess Bob Fenner - "Metal Mike", "#GamerGate", "The Day the Tube Snake Came to Town".

Don't delay, act today!