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Misanthropia! #2: I Was a Teenage Tapeworm!

Image of Misanthropia! #2: I Was a Teenage Tapeworm!


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First published July 2012


• “The Protagonist” by Bob America
• “I was a Teenage Tapeworm” concept by Bob America, illustrated by IlluMat Switzerland
• “(Be Prepared) They Don’t Make Them Like That Anymore” by Gretel My
• “My Dad’s Best Friend is Harlan Ellison” by DB Cooper
• “Sophie Brilliant: Star of PR”, “Everybody’s Going to Berlin”, “The Sun & Moon as Serial Killers” by Robert W Monk”
• “Ronnie Tender” by Beyonce Knowles
• “Dicko in the Kitchen” by Danny Glover
• “The N-Word” by Celine Dion
• “Some Things I Saw When I Was a Kid” by Bonnie Wood
• “Coffee Morning with my Boss” by FDR
• “Amputation One More Time” by satsu
• back cover “Piss Dungeon” by Justyna Burzynska